Best Coilovers for Ford Focus ST

The Top 5 Best Coilovers for Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST is undoubtedly a reliable, quality car. It’s very well-made all around, but you should supplement that whenever possible by using quality replacement parts when they’re necessary. This includes coilovers and suspension kits. A great coilover suspension kit will make your Focus ST feel even smoother and more responsive than it already is. If you’re ready to make your Focus ST reach a new level of control and precision then take a look at our top 5 best coilover kits.

1. Fortune Auto 500 Series

Fortune Auto 500 SeriesIf you want a suspension setup that will integrate very nicely with any other mods you have installed then check out the Fortune Auto 500 Series coilover kit. This is a great option that exhibits variability with a multitude of car parts.

Fortune Auto specifically designed these coilovers to achieve a balance between malleability and stability. The robust piston shafts are digressive, which allows for great resistance during sharp turns. This allows for a great level of control when turning on tight corners at low or high speeds.

What’s perhaps even more impressive is the amount of reduced drag that you’ll feel using these Focus ST coilovers. The Fortune Auto 500 suspension set is actually lighter than your average coilovers. This allows them to reduce the power of shock force and provides an overall smoother riding experience.

The shaft seal is heavily reinforced and this provides a big improvement to performance and durability, meaning that these coilovers have an impressive lifespan. Expect to get a lot of use out of these coilovers before they need to be repaired or replaced.

2. Silver NEOMAX Coilover Kit

Silver NEOMAX Coilover Kit

If track racing is what you’re really interested in then it’s hard to do much better than Silver’s NEOMAX suspension kit. These feature an utterly wonderful shock design via the use of its mono-tubes. This increases the overall shock oil capacity and really brings out some supreme levels of performance during intense driving or racing sessions.

The shock tube itself is made out of very durable carbon steel and measures at 52mm in diameter. This makes it larger and heavier than your average Focus ST coilovers, but it provides a great level of strength and durability.

Let’s not forget that there are 24 different levels of dampening adjustment, which truly delivers a feeling of total control that you will notice every step of the way when you’re behind the wheel.

Combined with the 18 month warranty, this tops off the already excellent package that is the Silver NEOMAX Coilover Kit for Ford Focus ST models.

3. H&R RSS Coilover

H&R RSS CoiloverH&R are undeniably a popular name in the world of car parts. They are known for springs, sway bars and of course suspension kits and other accessories. Their RSS coilovers are a tried and true classic that high performance drivers still frequently use in their vehicles.

If you are looking for great control that lasts in all directions, even while cornering, these are a top notch choice for the Focus ST. These coilovers are capable of lowering their own center of gravity which results in enhanced handling.

They’re not just great while on the track but for casual driving on the road as well. Despite their high performance qualities, they actually also deliver a very smooth riding experience that comes with no harshness. They serve as a great suspension kit replacement for the average driver who is in the market for an upgrade.

Both the body and the spring are threaded much like a bolt which provides great optimization for handling no matter the height adjustment, though they especially work well for drivers who prefer a higher than average ride height.

4. ST-XTA Suspensions Adjustable Coilovers

ST-XTA Suspensions Adjustable CoiloversThe ST-XTA Suspension Kit provides a great “all rounder” experience for the driver looking for a coilover that can do it all.

With completely adjustable top mounts and dampers, you can really fine tune your car’s setup and achieve the high-end suspension feel that you are specifically looking for. These coilovers will work very well for the casual driver, but they are an especially fantastic choice for the daredevils out there looking to get maximum driving dynamics.

One of the great things about the ST-XTA is their resistance to the elements. The steel struts are very well galvanized which will protect these coilovers from corrosion and rust. It also makes them fantastic winter season coilovers as they are highly resistant to even the harshest and coldest of weather conditions.

These coilovers are also just very durable in general. The low friction damper housing and chromed piston rod will last a very long time and deliver many years of high end use. Plus, there is a two year warranty on top of all that.

With increased rolling and driving comfort, more direct steering and reduced rolling movements, The ST-XTA are not only going to make your Ford Focus feel more sporty but more comfortable at the same time.

5. Godspeed Project MonoMaxx 40-Way Adjustable Coilovers

Godspeed Project MonoMaxx 40-Way Adjustable CoiloversOne of the more affordable suspension kits on our list, the Godspeed MonoMaxx coilovers are heavy duty and extremely adjustable. Don’t be put off by the pricing because these coilovers truly deliver.

There are 40 levels of damping adjustment with the MonoMaxx kit. This gives you an incredible level of precision in the fine tuning of your cars regardless of whether comfort or control is your priority.

The MonoMaxx adjustable coilovers are interesting in that they’re larger than average but lighter than average as well. The 52mm carbon steel shock body is made out of lightweight aluminum steel brackets. This helps in optimizing the balance between performance and comfort. Luckily, the shock brackets are still quite durable thanks to the carbon steel design so durability isn’t sacrificed.

All in all, the Godspeed Project MonoMaxx kit is a great Ford Focus ST coilover that will work well in any temperature on the road or on the race track.

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