AT51 Review

Kumho Road Venture AT51 Review

Wrapping up

The Kumho Road Venture AT51 is certainly one of the better-designed tires on the market right now. The engineers on the design team certainly earned their money. Performance wise, it is on par with any other one of the top all-terrain tires that are available on the market right now. What makes it really impressive is the fact that it delivers top-level performance at a more affordable price than many of its competitors. It provides excellent traction on pretty much any surface besides deep mud. If mudding is your thing, there are tires that are specifically designed for that. It also performs impressively quiet on highways. The noise emission levels are very reasonable, even though there are more quiet tires like the Michelin AT2 on the market. The Kumho Road Venture AT51’s performance on snow and ice is as good as it gets for an all-terrain tires. Add in the fact these provide pretty decent tread life, and it becomes obvious that this is one of the better tires on the market right now. The AT51 is an excellent choice if you spend most of your time driving on highways, but you also enjoy making trips to your favorite hunting sites or fishing lakes on the weekend. You will be glad you have them when you find yourself switching from paved roads to rough terrain.

  • Off-Road Performance 8
  • Dry Performance 8.8
  • Wet Performance 8.4
  • Comfort Performance 9.4
  • Treadwear Performance 7

The Kumho Road Venture AT51 was designed as the replacement for the AT KL78. It was released in 2015, and it is compatible with a wide variety of vehicles, including SUVs, light trucks, and jeeps. The AT51 comes with a host of new features that provide improved all-terrain, all-weather performance, especially in snow. It was also designed for increased comfort and longer lasting tread.

The venture does a better job of absorbing cuts and bruising that is sure to occur when off-roading. The tread pattern looks a lot like what you will find on BFG All Terrain tires. It also comes with fully integrated depth stepped grooves that provide additional traction when traveling on loose dirt and gravel.

Let’s explore some more features of the Kumho Road Venture AT51

The tires have improved clean-out capabilities thanks to the tapered blocks on the thread. The improved tread also provides improved traction and control on mud, deep snow, and slush. It does a better job of getting rid of any dirt that gets packed in the tread. This is particularly important since tread that’s packed full of dirt typically leads to reduced traction. This gem from Kumho performs particularly well in harsh winter environments. Its performance is on par with that of other top-tier tires in its class like the BF Goodrich, Geolander, and Michelin LTX.

The manufacturers of the Venture paid lots of attention, doing everything possible to make it a tire that provides a comfortable and quiet ride on the highway, despite its all-terrain design. Its quiet ride is an impressive detail that separates the AT51 from its competitors. Its emphasis on silence is great given the fact that drivers spend the majority of their time behind the wheel driving on paved roads.

It comes with a symmetric tread design that works in combination with a polyester cord body, and variable pitch tread blocks to remove noise and harmonics from any surface you are riding on.

There is another nice feature inside the tread: steel belts that are wrapped spirally with nylon for added durability and strength. The design and materials used to make the tread reduces heat distortion and buildup. That leads to a long-lasting tread.

The AT51 is available in a wide range of non-LT and LT sizes. These tires also come with a 55 thousand mile warranty. All in all, there are a total of 43 different sizes that are currently available on the market. More sizes are expected to be available in the future.

55,000-Mile Warranty

As we discussed earlier, the AT51 comes with a 55,000 mile or six-year warranty on all Euro-metric and P-metric sizes. Your tires wearing out evenly are also guaranteed for the first year or 1/16 inch of wear. Workmanship and material costs are under warranty for the first 6 years. That means you get free tire replacement for up to 6 years after purchasing these tires.

If you end up deciding these aren’t the best tires available on the market for you, you are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. That means you pretty much get to test these out with no risk.

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