MXM4 Tire Review

Michelin Primacy MXM4 Tire Review

And the Verdict Is…

Michelin offers a comprehensive warranty on the Primacy MXM4 as well for the peace of mind of the consumer. They guarantee a tread life of 6 years and 55,000 miles or 45,000 miles, depending on the speed rating. For frequent drivers of luxury vehicle brands, such as Acura, BMW, and Mercedes, the warranty offers assurance that the tires will stand up to strenuous and frequent use in all climates and weather conditions. Primacy MXM4 tire is an all-around, all-season tire suitable for any vehicle. The flexibility of Michelin tires is that they offer superior quality available to suit any budget, making them ideal for a consumer looking for a high-performance, reliable tire that puts safety first. With excellent test scores and largely positive user reviews, the Primacy MXM4 is a good choice for urban and rural driving, providing safe handling, superior traction, and better overall performance.

  • Dry Performance 8.9
  • Wet Performance 8.6
  • Comfort Performance 8.4
  • Treadwear Performance 7.3

The Michelin Primacy MXM4 tire was designed for drivers of luxury cars, promising a smooth, quiet ride. It was crafted with precision manufacturing to be suitable for all-season use, promising greater traction in cold and wet weather and perfect handling during warm, dry conditions. As the first all-season tire made by Michelin to feature their patented Helio Technology, this tire has made an impact on consumers looking for a combination of increased handling performance, premium ride quality, and a more eco-friendly ride.

What Makes the Primacy MXM4 Tire Special?

The Michelin Primacy MXM4 tire is designed for use on luxury sedans, coupes, and family minivans, as well as to be the perfect tire for crossover utility vehicles; this makes the Primacy MXM4 ideal for a range of vehicles to suit a variety of customers and their individual needs. While its uses are many and diverse, what makes this tire truly special is the way it is designed specifically to handle better, stick to the road more firmly in slick and icy conditions, and create a safer ride for the vehicle’s passengers.

The Primacy MXM4 features a special and unique additive; the rubber formula contains restaurant-grade sunflower oil. This surprising addition to the tires enriches the rubber, providing increased traction at low and freezing temperatures and in slick conditions. This leads to enhanced breaking capability, superior handling in wet conditions, and an overall better performance in snow and ice. The addition of the sunflower oil allows the rubber to retain its elasticity in freezing conditions without hindering grip and performance in every other season. The traction is significantly improved using this method, enabling a greater level of safety when driving.

The inclusion of the sunflower oil to the compound of the tire gives the consumer added peace of mind. The vast majority of the tires in the Primacy MXM4 range meet Michelin’s stringent Green X standards. These strict standards prove that the tires contribute to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while driving. Offering the consumer the opportunity for a greener thumbprint, Michelin sources the sunflower oil for these tires from completely renewable sources, and all from American farms.

1. A self-supporting construction, this tire is able to lock together for a greater level of rigidity when it is most needed
2. The addition of the sunflower oil allows the rubber to retain its elasticity in freezing conditions

Primacy MXM4 Tire Composition

The Primacy MXM4 offers car owners 360º satisfaction. This tire provides a premium ride quality, responsive handling, and, most importantly, improved safety for drivers and passengers. The asymmetrical design of the Primacy MXM4 also features a European handling profile and rounded shoulders, giving it predictable and smooth cornering in all weather conditions. The circumferential grooves effectively keep the footprint of the tire free from excess water by allowing it to flow through the tread design, reducing the risk of hydroplaning in wet conditions dramatically. The tire is crafted with a polyester cord body, creating a smoother ride, and also features Michelin’s Comfort Control Technology. This means that the Primacy MXM4 has a computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing, both of which are intended to reduce vibration and general road noise while driving.

The Primacy MXM4 features a unique tire siping pattern, which is the process of cutting thin slits across the tire in order to not only improve traction in cold and icy conditions but also improve the way the tire responds to heat in hot seasons. The Primacy MXM4 tire has 3D Variable Thickness Sipe Technology; this means that the tire has an additional biting edge through wider inside sipes, improving road stickiness particularly during rainy and snowy weather conditions. With a self-supporting construction, this tire is able to lock together for a greater level of rigidity when it is most needed. This intelligent technology allows the tire to make greater use of the sipes for better traction, all without giving up any handling or wear performance.

The Primacy MXM4 features MaxTouch Construction, a proprietary technology unique to Michelin tires. This specialized construction has a distinctive contact-patch shape which enables the equal distribution of cornering, accelerating, and braking forces. MaxTouch Construction provides improved grip while driving and allows the tire to wear more evenly, which in turn extends the life of the Primacy MXM4 when the tires are properly rotated.

How does the Primacy MXM4 Compare to Other Tires?

The guys at TireRack.com conducted a 2010 test to see how the Primacy MXM4 held up against other similar tires in the same class. The test track consisted of 6.6 miles of country roads, state highway, and freeway, which provided a variety of test surfaces. This variety allows for tests involving speed, new and old asphalt, and smooth and coarse concrete, allowing the drivers to experience the tires just as a regular consumer would on their daily commute.

The results truly speak for themselves; ranked as the number 1 overall, the testers found that the Primacy MXM4 tires had outstanding wet road traction with a superb design. When we consider that Michelin claims the MXM4 tires can stop almost 30 feet shorter in wet conditions than the leading competitor, it is clear to see that this tire provides a superior ride in many different ways.

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